Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Totally Beads Competition Entry!

Hi! I love beading and Totally Beads is one of my favourite suppliers! The theme is Spring, so I decided to go for fresh green tones, then I got thinking about how the leaves are coming back and the trees are coming to life again so I chose to add some leaf and tree charms!


The Bracelet!

I threaded the beads and charms on Tigertail Wire and used one of those metal springy things that nobody really knows the name of at the bottom of the wire so the beads didn't fall of, I added a clasp and finished it of with crimp covers, these cover up the squashed crimp beads and just look like little silver/gold/bronze/champagne etc. beads, they really neaten up a piece and gives it a more professional finish.


The Earrings

These were fairly simple, I threaded a jade green bead onto an eyepin and created a loop at the top, before closing the loop up I added my charm because I hate extra loops were they can be avoided. I opened up the top loop slightly and added a silver dangly earring back and re-sealed the loop!


I loved making a set with a theme and I know I'll do it more often! I hope you like my project and be sure to check out the Totally Beads Facebook page were from the 1st of April you can vote on your favourite piece!

Good Luck to anybody who has entered!



  1. I love the set Amber, beautiful colour and so pretty. It screams 'spring' to me, good luck xx

  2. Beautiful work, Amber. You are so talented. xx Maggie